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What Makes our Clinic Different

Our  Auditory Processing and Therapy clinic was created because we have a passion for the field of auditory processing. We are different from other clinics in many ways.


First, diagnosis and treatment of an Auditory Processing Disorder is our only offering. We are highly specialized and I have been in practice for over 25 years.


Secondly. we provide a separate follow up session after the evaluation to discuss the results and to educate clients about their disorder, instead of sharing the information immediately after the evaluation. I feel it is very important for the child and family to completely understand auditory processing, and to comprehend both their auditory strengths as well as weaknesses. The findings are presented in a fun, interactive and positive way. Discussion also includes how the auditory processing test results relate to any other testing that may have been previously completed. A therapy plan is created, which can be implemented at our facility or at another treatment location.  What is best for the child and the family is always foremost on our minds. 


At our clinic, we individualize each treatment program based on the client's needs. We do not promote just one single method of treatment. Auditory processing is far too complex for one method to work with all of the possible auditory processing disorders. Our therapy methods are based on which areas of the auditory system are found to be weak and which programs are appropriate for the age of our client.

If you are in need of an auditory processing evaluation, please come check us out!  You will receive a top notch evaluation and treatment program designed just for you!

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