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Audiologist and Auditory Speech Therapy in Atlanta GA

Hearing for both children and adults involves much more than the detection of sound, which is what we measure with the traditional hearing test. Success with hearing easily needs a strong and efficient central auditory processing system. This is where the auditory signal is processed into usable information for understanding, learning and communicating. An Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is not a typical hearing problem, and can often be confused with other learning disabilities or conditions, such as ADHD. APD can affect a person's ability to understand speech, follow verbal instructions, or focus in loud environments. People can often believe they have a hearing impairment or an attention deficit. Because a simple hearing test will not detect the presence of APD, a precise evaluation by an audiologist who specializes in this area is required. Although ADP can appear in anyone, it is more prominent among boys than girls. Undiagnosed APD can cause someone to believe that they aren't as smart as others or that they cannot be as attentive as their parents or spouse may want them to be. This is why it is imperative to diagnose APD during childhood, to avoid growing up with a deficit that is not understood or treated. Testing for ADP can start as early as 5 years old. If you have any concerns about your child's auditory system, a quick evaluation is available to see if your child needs further treatment. 

Looking for a Auditory Processing Therapist in Atlanta Georgia?

At Auditory PAT, LLC we specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of APD in Decatur, Georgia. We understand that APD can affect individuals differently, and that is why we don't promote one single method of treatment.  We evaluate and treat each patient based on their personal needs to improve their listening and learning skills in a fun and interactive way. We have a passion for the field of auditory processing that will give you the best treatment plan unique and individualized to meet your needs, and bring you success.

Auditory therapy begins after our battery test, which determines the strengths and weaknesses of the patient's auditory system. No two evaluations will be the same which means no two therapeutic processes will be the same. Auditory processing is too complicated to have one solution that fits all. This is why seeing an audiologist is important, they know what to treat in your child and how to implement those therapy techniques in the most effective way possible. The last thing you want is to give your child something they are not ready for and for them to become frustrated and averse to learning.


So if you are looking for an auditory processing and therapy center, go no further. Our team of audiology experts has everything you need from auditory testing, diagnosis, and treatment to give you the best auditory service in Decatur, Georgia. Welcome! 

Victoria A Hamilton, Au.D.

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