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Jack Katz, Ph.D. 

Professor Emeritus

University at Buffalo


Research Professor

University of Kanas Medical Center


I am delighted to write a letter about Dr. Victoria Hamilton. I met her almost 30 years ago because of her interest in auditory processing and presented a 2-½ day workshop with her at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. I was impressed with her keen knowledge of the auditory system and concern for the patient with whom she worked. I see the same qualities in her today as I have gotten to know her better.


Dr. Hamilton uses many of my tests and therapy materials. In fact, I had forgotten about one type of therapy but when I mentioned an issue that I was having with a patient, she asked why I did not use the therapy approach that I showed her years before. Sure enough, I remembered the procedure that she had worked with and also improved. So now, I have learned from her.


I am so impressed that Dr. Hamilton is much more concerned about helping people with APD than her own livelihood. She has mentored colleagues in this type of work who now provides services in this area. They work collaborately instead of competitively. This shows a wonderful characteristic that we do not often see. Over the years Dr. Hamilton has provided top-notch services to her patients and has helped to educate professionals in Georgia and other states around the country. I know that she is a remarkable and effective professional who has the greatest level of integrity. I recommend her without qualification.

Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin

Psychologist and Parent

When I brought my eight year old daugther to Dr. Hamilton, I had concerns about her ability to read and spell along with hearing. Her issues were not small! Dr. Hamilton was able to explain where in the auditory system she had weaknesses in a way that we both could understand and provided therapy that resulted in my child having success and, most importanly, pride in her ability to read. I would recommend Dr. Hamilton to any parent who feels their child is having difficulty learning.

Morris Byrant

I am happy to write a testimonial for Dr. Hamilton, especially after having better ability to hear and communicate at work. My boss has noticed that I have fewer errors in my work, which requires a lot of listening. I also have a much greater understanding of why I mishear at times and what I can do to correct it.  Dr. Hamilton gave good training and great advice. 

Megan Tarshis

Dr. Hamilton is invaluable to our family. Prior to seeing her, our son had difficulty processing auditory information, which impacted him at home and at school. Over the course of the work, Dr. Hamilton carefully assessed and treated each component of his difficulties. They began with sounds, then moved onto more complex sentences, with background noise. Finally, they addressed both the right and left ear functions, one of which was a stronger listener than the other. Having completed the treatment, my son can more easily and readily understand instructions, which allows him great success at school. And most importantly, he enjoyed working with Dr. Hamilton because of her warm and encouraging nature. He experienced their work together as having a positive impact in his life. He knew she was helping him and for this we are very grateful."

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