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Dr. Victoria Hamilton, Au.D. is originally from Greenwich, CT and has been practicing for more than 25 years in the area of Auditory Processing. She earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and a Master's in Audiology at the University of Georgia. In 2002, she returned to school and earned her Doctorate of Audiology from A.T. Stills University. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, a member of the Georgia Academy of Audiology and a founding member of the International Guild of Auditory Processing Specialists.


From her first year in practice, Dr. Hamilton has been passionate and active in the field of Auditory Processing Disorders. and was the first Audiologist in Atlanta to provide Auditory Processing evaluations and therapy. Philosophically, Dr. Hamilton believes that in order to be an excellent diagnostician, one should also understand the process of and provide remediation. Therefore, in addition to evaluations, she has provided therapy for Auditory Processing Deficits for 25 years.


Laurie Pierdon is a Speech/Language Pathologist who graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master’s degree in Speech/Language Pathology and a minor in Audiology. She worked in the public school system for 32 years before exploring other options.
In 2015, Laurie joined Dr. Hamilton’s practice to pursue her interest in auditory processing. She facilitated and edited “AuditoryPAT, Processing and Therapy” which is an auditory training program created by Dr. Hamilton. Laurie’s knowledge of speech/language disorders and of the educational process provides a valuable resource for diagnosing and planning treatment for the child or adult with hearing / communication difficulties. Laurie currently serves as a consultant for AuditoryPAT, LLC for special projects and treatment plans. She is a valuable asset to AuditoryPAT, LLC and we are very lucky to have her on the team.. 


Cathy Concepcion, Practice Manager at AuditoryPAT, has worked in the medical field for several years and had discovered that it is genuinely where her heart belongs. A native New Yorker, she transplanted to Georgia where she found a lasting relationship with AuditoryPAT. She throughly enjoys interacting with our clients. Although she is responsible for overseeing many aspects of our practice, her passion is to guide our patients through the process of becoming better listeners. Her professionalism is second to none!

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