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General Information

Outline of an Auditory Processing Evaluation


The auditory processing evaluation includes the interview, testing, analysis, report, follow up counseling and plan of remediation, if needed.  The evaluation takes about two hours.  This includes breaks during testing if needed and review of questionnaire.  The actual testing is about an hour and a half. If you are currently taking medication for ADD / ADHD, the medication needs to be continued for the testing.




Due to the length of time required to complete an auditory processing evaluation, cancellations are difficult. We will confirm the appointment with you prior to the evaluation date. If you do not respond within two days of the scheduled time and we cannot get in touch with you, the appointment will be offered to someone else.


Fee for Service


The cost of an evaluation is $650, which includes a separate follow up visit to discuss results and a therapy plan. Checks are preferred as they are easier and faster for checkout. Credit cards are also accepted but there is a $20 processing fee to cover the transaction charged for using the service. 




Insurance may or may not cover the auditory processing evaluation but should cover the peripheral auditory testing. Payment is needed at the time of service and we will give you a receipt with the procedure codes and diagnosis on it. You can send this into your insurance company who may then reimburse a portion of it. We do not apply to be on any provider lists.


If you send the receipt into insurance, please state and write several times that the reimbursement check needs to be sent to you. If they send it to me, I have to send it back and this delays it getting to you by about a month.


Procedure Codes typically used for testing are 92620 (CAP 60), 92621 (CAP 15), 92557 (Comprehensive Audio), 92570 (Tympanometry/Reflex) and 92588 (OAE Comprehensive).  Diagnostic Codes that may apply to a positive finding include H93.25 Central Auditory Processing Disorder, H93.293 Abnormal Auditory Perception, H93.299 Auditory Discrimination Impairment and H93.233 Hyperacusis.


Location                                                                    Appointments

Auditory PAT,  LLC                                                    Please email Cathy at

Atlanta Hearing Associates                                     or call (404) 697-9090

1991 N. Williamsburg Drive, Suite A

Decatur, Georgia 30033                                                                                           Thank you!


1991 N. Williamsburg Drive, Suite A, Decatur Georgia 30033   (404) 697-9090

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