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Auditory Processing and Therapy LLC is an audiology practice that evaluates, diagnoses and treats auditory processing issues in children and adults.  Auditory processing is our ONLY focus, which separates our practice from other clinics and from the hospital setting. Our approach is very personalized and comprehensive.


An Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is not a typical hearing problem. In persons with an efficient and effective auditory system, the auditory areas of the brain accurately interpret the message received through the ear to use it for communication and learning. In persons with an auditory processing disorder, the auditory message is transmitted differently in terms of efficiency, clarity or timing. An auditory processing disorder can mimic a hearing loss, in that  the auditory message may be difficult to hear in certain situations.

Signs of an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) are many. They include:

Misunderstanding of verbal information

Poor reading comprehension

Delay in responding to a verbal request

Difficulty remembering verbal information

Withdrawing from a converstation or dominating a conversation

Academic success does not reflect ability

Difficulty spelling phonetically

Trouble carrying out multistep directions


Frequently, children with an auditory processing deficit  are initially thought to have a hearing loss or an attention deficit. Often, adults with APD are aware that they have to work harder than others to achieve the same results with listening skills, and may mistakenly blame their hearing deficits on their ability to focus or think. In actuality, the child or adult has to work much harder to hear and is often not aware of this compensatory strategy that they are using. This extra effort can hinder their energy needed for learning or communicating.


A simple hearing test one receives at the Physician’s office or in most school settings will not detect the presence of APD. A specific evaluation is required by an Audiologist who specializes in this area. 


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