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What Causes APD?

There are events that can cause an auditory processing disorder (APD). These events may  result in the disruption of a clear and timely message being sent to the brain. The most common cause of APD is genetic, meaning it was inherited. Some other possible issues include:

  • oxygen deprivation ( ex: traumatic birth; near drowning; excess cigarette smoking)

  • significantly high billirubin levels soon after birth

  • head injuries

  • chronic middle ear fluid within the first few months of life that resulted in a temporary hearing loss for an extended period of time

  • surgical compromise

  • viral infections

  • chemo treatment (I have seen a few patients who acquired an auditory processing disorder following treatment)

In most cases, the cause of the APD is not known.  Fortunately, most APD issues respond well to auditory training. After the therapy process is completed, an improvement is seen in ability to communicate and learn through the auditory system.

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