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Understanding what an auditory processing disorder is and how it affects learning and communication at home, school and the workplace is paramount for success in remediation and compensation.


Education about this area is vital.


If you have any further questions after learning about auditory processing here on our website, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Hamilton at



The disorders of ADD and APD share many of the same symptoms, but are separate entities.  Both can cause difficulty with understanding the spoken message. However the problem arises from different areas of the brain. While the difficulty hearing directions for the ADD child comes from an inability to focus, the listener with APD has a deficit in the auditory system, which causes the message to be processed in a less efficient manner. Therefore it can be misunderstood or the response can be delayed.


Treatment differs greatly between these two disorders, but the goal is the same, which is a better understanding of speech and an easier time learning in the classroom or workplace. Sometimes these two disorders coexist within in an individual.  If an adult or child has ADD, it is important to assess the auditory processing abilities for weaknesses, particularly if medication has not been successful. 

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